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Our mission and vision are to educate individuals who are able to develop original designs suitable for the user’s culture by using spaces a combination of aesthetic ,functionality and technology, establish interdisciplinary collaboration in the arts field, think analytically, specialize in designing spaces, have ethical values. Contemporary scientific research, the creation of practice and teaching environment, our program will always be our mission. Training our students as researchers, entrepreneurs, inquisitive and analytical mind power advanced, dedicated to improving the profession and abilities are the main goals of our program.

Art and Design, which form the basis of social life, culture is a product of the historical process. Interior Design is also within this area. Changing consumer requirements increase the production of

There is a drawing room in our school which is designed to use laptop computer. The design-furniture production workshop equipped with the technical equipment of our department is being used efficiently in order to train qualified interior designers who have gained the necessary professional qualifications for the enterprises that lack qualified personnel. All the classrooms in our school are equipped with projection systems and all our teaching spaces are designed to meet the requirements of contemporary design education.

2010- 2011 Academic Year

Primary Education :40 // Secondary Education:40

Get the score ‘160’ and above ‘160’ from YGS

Interior Regulation, Interior Design Furniture, Furniture and Interior Design, Furniture and Decoration, Conservation Restoration Art and Design Decorative Drawing Decorative Arts

The grad students of this program are able to work in in the areas of Structure-Construction-Design, Architecture, Interior Design Agencies, Construction Firms, Furniture Factories, Furniture Stores, Decoration Firms

The students of Interior Design Program are able to do internship in Interior Architecture, Interior Design Agencies, Construction Firms, Furniture factories, Decoration Firms and construction sites.

Architecture, Interior Design, Interior Architecture and Environmental Design,Traditional Turkish Arts, Hand Arts, Gilding

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